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About Yamunotri Dham

Ideally the initial location for beginning the Chota Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand, Yamunotri Dham showers its true blessings to the explorers to have a safe and extraordinary spiritual trip in advance. Dedicated to Siren Yamuna, the temple is seated at an elevation of 3293 m and along the lovely River Yamuna in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The actual resource of River Yamuna is at a short range from the temple situated at an elevation of regarding 4,421 m (14,505 feet) on the Kalind Hill. The River Yamuna has actually also been given the standing of the support of Indian lands and hence is venerated extensively amongst Hindus. The trip to Yamunotri isn't really finish without preparing potato as well as rice in the thermal spring of Surya Kund near the holy shrine. Enthusiasts supply this in the temple and also take the cooked rice home in the kind of Prasad.

History of Yamunotri Dham

The original Yamunotri Temple is said to have actually been constructed by Maharani Guleria of Jaipur in the 19th century. Nevertheless, there are tales of it being constructed by Maharaja Pratap Shah of Tehri Garhwal. Due to destruction by climate and the aspects, the temple has actually been renovated a number of times. Yamunotri Dham's mythological relevance is told in a prominent legend that is related to sage Asit Muni that lived right here and made use of to bathe in the Ganges and also the Yamuna River daily. In his seniority, he was incapable to go to Gangotri, hence a stream of the Ganges showed up contrary Yamunotri for him. Additionally, Goddess Yamuna is said to be the child of Surya Dev (the Sun God) and sis of Yama (the God of Death). It is believed that worshipping the Yamuna would certainly likewise please Sun God as well as Yama.

Places To Visit In Yamunotri

Yamunotri Temple: The temple holds the supreme value while going to the Chardham Yatra. It was built by the Maharaja Pratap Shah of Tehri Garhwal. It opens up on the day of Akshaya Tritiya.


Janki Chatti: It is recognized to be the middle factor on the expedition to Yamunotri Situated at a distance of 7kms from Yamunotri, it is your house of thermal springs.


Surya Kund: It is the all-natural thermal spring commonly known for its warm steaming water. People connect the potatoes and also rice with the string as well as cook them by immersing the string in the warm water. Afterwards, they disperse the cooked product through Prasad.


Divya Shilla: It is the rock pillar engraved at the entry of Yamunotri temple. It obtains great respect by the explorers when they ready to enter the temple.


Saptrishi Kund: It is considered as the origin of the Yamuna River. It is fairly renowned for its blue water as well as pebbly banks. Additionally, Brahma lotus is well-known on this kund yet they are seen rarely.


Hanuman Chatti: It is the factor where the Yamunotri expedition starts. It supplies the exploration made through lavish eco-friendly fields as well as woody hillsides that loads the visitor's trip right into an outstanding enjoyment.


Kharsali: A favored barbecue area that provides great deals of thermal springs as well as gorgeous waterfalls. It is understood for its captivating environments as well as beautiful atmosphere.


Barkot: It is the village located at a distance of 49kms from Yamunotri. It sees some of the ancient holy places and also acts as the best area for reflection.

Activities In Yamunotri

Trekking: Visitors could appreciate travelling to Yamunotri temple that is a full day expedition. Tourist could delight in the expedition either from Hanuman Chatti located at a distance of 6km or from Janki Chatti positioned at a distance of 4km. While trekkers, you reach discover rugged tops as well as thick woodlands.


Trip: Yamunotri is mostly the initial quit in the direction of the Chardham Yatra in India. Every year, a number of devotees transformed towards the Yamunotri temple to admire the Siren Yamuna.

Weather In Yamunotri

Weather condition in Yamunotri continues to be chilly throughout the year. On a standard, the temperature level base on 15-20 degree Celsius variety, however sometimes, it drops below zero degrees mark. Hence, while on the way to Yamunotri, site visitors are advised to lug warm as well as woolen clothes.

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Summer season from April to June provides trendy and pleasant environment. The Yamunotri temple sets to open up for the devotees initially of summertime period. The temperature during this season turns around 20 levels Celsius. The evenings are little bit freezing.

Monsoon period starts from End of July and also continues till August. Throughout this season, the location is prone to encounter landslides that make the taking a trip difficult. Hence, pilgrims are advised to avoid the monsoon season to the maximum extent.

Winter season puts in the time from November to April. The climate remains cold during this season with the chances to receive hefty snowfall. Snowfall is pleasurable throughout this period. Nevertheless, the Yamunotri temple stays closed during the season. Just trekkers and mountaineers go to the location for adventurous trips.

Best Time To Visit Yamunotri

The very best time to check out the holy shrine of Yamunotri is from April to June and also From September to November. The temple opens in summer somewhere in the recent of April and remains open till November. After that, it stays shut during the whole period of winters.

Best Ways To Reach Yamunotri?

Close To Yamunotri is the Playful Give Airport. Found at a distance of 210kms, the airport functions as a tool with Delhi through routine flights to Dehradun. additionally, the airport terminal permits smooth connection with the location such as Hanuman Chatti by means of roadway transportation. Likewise, the visitors could take pleasure in the helicopter services from Dehradun to Yamunotri.

Both Rishikesh as well as Dehradun works as the local railway terminal to Yamunotri. Dehradun terminal lies at a distance of 175kms while the Rishikesh one can be discovered after a distance of 200kms. Both the train joints are efficiently gotten in touch with various other parts of Uttarakhand State. Also, fast and well linked roadway transportation allows the site visitors get to Hanuman Chatti where they can begin the trip to Yamunotri.

Yamunotri do not possess any direct link via roadways. Visitors should get to Hanuman Chatti by taking any kind of kind of rail or air transportation followed with road suggests. Once they reach Hanuman Chatti, they had to comply with a trek to reach to their destination.


In this trip, there are four religious places that devotees visit in the Indian state of Uttrakhand.


Chardham is famous religious circuit seen by lakhs of devotees yearly. Situated on high himalayas of Uttarakhand.


Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand is just one of the most popular trip (or tirth yatra) in Hinduism.